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David Week - Subud without Theology

Insightful and Useful Article. From Margaret Pevec, February 11, 2012. Time 14:54

David, thanks for this article. I returned to the latihan about 2 years ago and have found it useful, but I also returned to being a helper, and am having some trouble with things like the opening words for new members. This article was clarifying to me. I keep asking myself what it is I'm doing in the latihan, and your explanation, without using the G-word, helps. I was also glad to hear you compare the latihan to other practices, and to read your observation that Subud people aren't that different than people outside Subud, but often believe we're special or "the chosen." Even though Bapak talked about building character, some people appear to behave about the same as I knew them 40 years ago, even though they've been consistent with the latihan. I prefer to think of the latihan as a way to connect or align with the "spirit of life" of which I am a part.

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