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David Week - Anwar, Anwas, and Subud Prejudice

More Prejudice. From Philip Quackenbush, January 24, 2010. Time 11:38

Hi, David,

If one examines these two quoted talks further, it becomes clear that not only do they promote prejudice against Hinduism and Buddhism, but also Daoism and animism and other types of what could be called non-separatist "religions", such as Advaita Vedanta and shamanism, both of which see the universe as undivided, as One (which is present in Judaism, for example, in the Shema (the Lord is One) i.e., you are not separate from God, you are God.
And, of course, in the New Testament we have Jeshua (Jesus) supposedly quoting previous "scriptures" as saying "ye are gods."

I would even go so far as to submit that the major cause of strife in the world comes from the separatist mentality and religions, such as "ordinary" Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, that see "God" as separate from "his' creation, a philosophical impossibility when you get right down to it, as I think Spinoza probably did. If Subud wants to promote that sort of thing, fine, but I want no part of claiming that SUBmembers are superior to anyone else.

In that respect, I see "Bapak's" daughter, Rochanawati, as possibly having been more "spiritually" "advanced" than "Bapak" evidenced himself to be, in that she kept saying "God, only God", which to me meant that there is nothing but "God." I conclude from that: there is no such thing as "getting closer to God (or various gods)" or "God" favoring one person or group over another, as most religions (including Hinduism and Buddhism in their most common forms, and the "religion that is not a religion", Subud) do, because we already are "God," and therefore there's nobody to "worship", something that is virtually anathema to SUBtheology, and an attitude towards which most members I've encountered show themselves to be highly prejudiced against but I've personally found to be highly liberating and a source of considerable experiential enjoyment.

Peace, Philip

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