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David Week - Subud without Theology

Theology or Rationalism?. From Edward Fido, December 27, 2009. Time 22:10

Whilst I admire any attempt to present Subud in a non-theistic, non-encultured format, I think they miss the point.

Ultimately the test of Subud will be whether people come to it and whether they stay.

I suspect both these depend on whether people feel Subud delivers anything.

There seem to be enormous attempts to bring Subud, 'the real Subud' - whatever that is - to people's attention. They seem to have failed miserably.

I suspect it's not due to PR or Marketing but doubt as to whether Subud can deliver 'the goods'.

Until enquirers feel that the 'product' rings true I suspect they will keep going away.

It is 'the endless treadmill' effect.

How to break it?

The only honest answer seems far better men and women. Examples. I suspect, if they existed, Subud would really be in business and not, as often is, relegated to a position amongst the New Age/Occult fringe.

I think the Subud organisation really needs to dissociate itself clearly from the Gurdjieff background that brought so many of its earliest devotees in.

Much autobiographical material now available to publicise Subud seems to me an attempt to put new wine into old wineskins.

Shifting deckchairs on the Titanic won't avoid the iceberg.

I can almost hear the cries: 'Full steam ahead!'

Only direct intervention from The One Above would seem able to prevent disaster and marginalization.

I fear what presents as 'Subud' may need to be substantially destroyed before anything good happens.

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