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David Week - Was Pak Subuh a Dukun?

What's the Point?. From Edward Fido, December 22, 2009. Time 22:26

Interesting article, David.

Subud was, as some of us who joined without knowing much about it, as I did, heavily encultured. Very much part of the Javanese kebanatan tradition.

Having said that, I'm not sure whether that, of necessity, was either 'good' or 'bad'.

Much of what passes for Subud life in the boondocks seems to be Javanese tradition as interpreted and then applied by Westerners or others with no roots in that tradition. I'm thinking of selamatans etc.

From what Pak Subuh said, his ancestry and upbringing were deeply effected by the living, eclectic culture of Java.

Had he been Turkish I think he would've done very similar things but with a Turkish flavour.

Encultured, 'folk' Islam is like that.

The question you seem to be constantly raising and I don't think it a bad thing is whether there is something contained within the cultural package which is of value.

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