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David Week - Becoming Normal

Struggling with the Subud culture. From Amanda Bolt, July 30, 2007. Time 20:46

Thank you David, a really well researched and written article that hopefully can make a real difference to the Subud 'culture', a culture that I struggle with for all the reasons you have articulated so clearly.

From David Week, August 18, 2007. Time 1:8

Hi Amanda.

Thanks for the nice words.

The impetus for all the research was to deal with that same struggle in my own life: where did this strange culture come from? Another question, that I am now looking at, is how a bunch of nice, good-hearted , intelligent people become so dissociated from the world around them. How and why did they construct a bubble? What was the positive intent?

These questions are, for me, just necessary background for understanding where we are, so that we can better understand, both personally and collectively: where to now?



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