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David Week - When You Graduate

Graduation. From Rochanah, September 6, 2009. Time 19:46

Wow! thank you David for many of your articles. For me they help clarify my feelings about Subud. It would be difficult to sound humble about this, but truly, I feel in all humility that I have "graduated". It took me 40 years of latihan to realize that I was taking a basic course of (take your choice) class 101 over and over. Nowhere near a PhD. If I wanted a simple B.A., I needed to spend the time and energy I had spent in Subud branching out to all the myriad other sources of wisdom, understanding and spirituality. The last 7 years spent in reading, opening myself to other religions and belief systems, but mostly ancient history of religions, has finally made me feel some kind of understanding of human's need for spirituality. We are children. We know nothing.

From David W, September 8, 2009. Time 1:7

And thank you :-)

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