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David Week - Seven Questions about Subud Culture

ethical life??. From steven somsen, September 6, 2009. Time 12:43

Excellent article David.
You wrote it long ago but here is still some feedback:
I have a problem with the term "ethical life" (but also with "The will of God") which has the sound of "rules/principles". It's so easily understood as something outside of me and then creates conflict. I would say: endeavor to live honestly, courageously, from an open heart according not to your wanting/not-wanting but according to your light, to what you feel is truly right, whatever the consequences.
I remember that once - during my (too long) childhood in Subud - even testing became a weapon to beat myself up.
This distrust of myself was so easily fed by bapak saying not to trust the heart and mind.

From David W, September 6, 2009. Time 22:45

Hi Steven. Yes... I'm just trying to find a non-religious equivalent that "will of God" people might understand. As I see it, most people (bar a few psychopaths) are trying to do the best they can most of the time, and everybody messes up from time to time.

I agree with your formulation: honestly, courageously. I remember one Buddhist aphorism I like too: "Never do anything you wouldn't want to tell your children about."

I think the basic picture of the world as "satanic" is a pretty sick one. Lower forces. Distrust of the heart and mind. Paranoid.

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