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David Week - When You Graduate

Desperately Seeking Qualifications. From stefan, March 28, 2008. Time 11:40


I completed my eight years of latihans, bought a fancy flat-topped hat and rolled up for my Subud graduation. They declined to give me a certificate. I became a helper and after 16 years tried again. Nada! I went to Cilandak, changed groups, travelled the world, fasted, prayed, tested and even tucked my shirt into my trousers. After 24 years there was still no qualification for me! Feelings of resentment did well up but I surrendered them and continued with dedication.

Now I've been clocking up latihans for almost 38 years. Just between me and you, I've started looking at those bogus degree certificates you can buy online, from places like "University of Oxbridge". Do you happen to know any that will sell an official looking graduation document to a failed latihan student?

Yours very very sincerely,

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