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David Week - When You Graduate

Graduation's almost here, my love. From Philip Quackenbush, March 23, 2008. Time 10:25

Hi, David,

Well, I had the feeling when I left Subud for the first time that I was graduating, although there was no diploma, no gold watch, nothin', not even an acknowledgement, if I recall correctly, that my name had been taken off the national registry. When I came back, it was definitely with a different "latihan" that had pared away (hopefully) all of the theological nonsense.

Now I'm contemplating leaving it again, with the feeling that remaining in the organization is counterproductive to what's happening in my life now (i.e., it takes me away from productive activities too much, when I could easily do "latihan" upstairs in the multiporpoise room in front of "God" and anybody who wanted to watch, since I realize that there's nothing more "spiritual" about it than any other activity that one could do in life. Plus, if asked, I could tell how it works, and explain the real benefits as I see them instead of being sworn to follow the Party Line as a "helper."

Will I get a doctorate? I doubt it. "We are high (the Family), they are low (everybody else), and as long as enough money keeps flowing our way, we'll keep on playing the game." On the recent Oprah/Eckhart Tolle broadcasts (which I haven't seen, since I can't stand Tolle's talking, only his writing, but I heard the following: ), Tolle said something to the effect that any feeling that you are higher or lower than anybody else is nothing but ego speaking. I recall bung Subuh saying the first part of that, but not the second. Oh, well, life goes on, innit.

Peace, Philip

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