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David Week - When You Graduate

The Idea of "Completeness". From Bronte Grivell, March 19, 2008. Time 22:49

Once again, the idea of "completeness" rears its head.

- And so does the idea of a "Training Course."

Yet everyone who writes about Subud is describing their "path through life", which always has a fixed end, at a time no-one usually knows. That end is death. What is beyond it is a constant question, because, like the teacher with no mind, no one can see it. (Note: Child is shown sky, birds and trees, is told, "Look up- you can't see God, so there isn't one". Child says, "I see birds, trees and teacher, but no teacher's mind, so teacher doesn't have a mind.")

Back to Subud and life and death.

Graduation occurs on opening? Maybe.

It is called "Initiation" by many, so it is a starting point, to where? Who knows?

Feeding continues thereafter; and training. but hopefully a different feeding from before, and a different training.

All latihan is feeding. All latihan is training. We all need it forever.

That's my dogma. And if ever I truly discover that I have no further things to learn in my miserable little existence, it will be because I have reached the last moment of that existence and am conscious enough to be aware that it is the last moment. I hope to still be "connected" with latihan as training and feeding and learning up to that point of final graduation. And may everyone who reads this (and all who don't) have the same.

Love to all.


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