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From MIchael Irwin, May 6, 2008. Time 19:1

You guys.

I have the head-of-a-pin here if you need another one.


From Philip Quackenbush, May 6, 2008. Time 20:26

Hi, Michael,

You said:

"I have the head-of-a-pin here if you need another one."

Are you saying, then, that you're microcephalic? If so, you remind me of those fantasized creatures of Subuh in his "visions" that had teeny heads and giant bawdies. Can we see a photo attachment of you, then? Amazing what the human mind can imagine. He might have been a really fine script writer or model maker for science friction movies if he had been born in another culture.

Peace, Philip

From Merin Nielsen, May 6, 2008. Time 22:29

Mine has 42 dancing angels. Let me amend my last post.

The tennis player's resource is familiarity with the game. The existential chooser's resource is familiarity with the human being.

From Philip Quackenbush, May 7, 2008. Time 8:27

Well, that's highly significant, innit. If I remember correctly Douglass Adams' book said the answer to the question "what is the meaning of life" is 42.

Peace, Philip

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