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The despiritualized "self" and the biologically-based "mind".. From Hadrian, October 31, 2008. Time 12:11

"The Subud model"?

You mean the teachings of Subud's founder, based on the blend of Animism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam found in his culture?

I have little use for it.

However, it is interesting to note that all of these traditions have a notion of the psyche, which, if you think about it, is by definition, the human "spirit" or "soul".

Modern psychology has the challenge of bringing a scientific perspective on this most unscientific of subjects of inquiry, if we are to use the traditional definition of psyche.

However, there is the view in modern psychology that the focus of inquiry is not the soul but the despiritualized "self" and the biologically-based "mind".

As a former psychotherapist and long time Subud member, I have lots more to write on this topic, but have not the time at the moment.

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