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David A - Awaiting My Opening

Some more details please. From Leo Horthy, May 19, 2010. Time 21:2

I am curious David, you tell your story about having to wait to be open as if you had a great deal of patience and you simply accepted the helper testing without any frustration.

I would imagine that many other people would have simply given up if they had been asked to wait as long as you did. Did you ever consider giving up? Was there any frustration for you over this process? What would your advice be to people who want to be opened but have been asked to wait?

I'd like to see you extended your essay with some of these details.

Many thanks,

Leo Horthy

From bronte, May 25, 2010. Time 5:3

The waiting time!

I Wanted to be opened when I first heard about Subud in March or April of 1961
I was invited to come along to be opened in April or May of 1965, but that required a parental permission I did not yet have.
I was officially opened in September of 1965.
I was ejected(read "repulsed, offended, denigrated, insulted" or any other words you like) by the helpers in 1988, 1998 2001 and 2008, in various ways, and quit attending, but I still want to do latihan,

Now, if Subud latihan is for All of Life, and is maybe a bit like the commitment Scientologist make to their faith, for a period a billion years, what does it matter if their pateince is tested a bit. After all, easy come, easy go.
I am not Trying to be Devil's Advocate here, afer all, I have written almost contradictory opinions elsewhere.
BUT the waiting period is a preparatory period for the Inner, as well as the outer. That I will claim dogmatically.
Equally dogmatically, may I say that something that is not worth waiting for will never be appreciated.
Just look at the thousands who gave up.
And most of them waited before starting in Subud.

It's a tough life. Let's live it up! Preferably with latihan of Subud.

From Philip Quackenbush, May 25, 2010. Time 11:7

It was a year before I even had a chance to ask to be opened. I was living and working in Albuquerque when I first ran across and bought Bennet's book Concerning Subud and Bartok's book on a remainders table in a branch of a bookstore that I had worked in prior to going in the Army. I'm not sure if there was an Albuquerque group at that time (and if there was, it was rampant with "mixing", I heard later), but I had to lose my job and move to San Francisco before I contacted a "lead" to Subud from a member who ran another bookstore there and was far enough into a "crisis", for which he was hospitalized and had his brains fried (it was still legal then), which, again, wasn't realized until I went back to the bookstore a month or so later and got the address. Then I had to quit my job to get to "latihan", which I did. When I finally got to the "latihan" hall, it was shut tight, and a knock on the door got me an angry response that "Bapak's here, come back next week". It wasn't so much a determination to do "latihan" as the feeling that I got when he said that that convinced me that the "latihan" was what I wanted, and I'd wait as long as it took, which was about two months instead of three, meanwhile "receiving" stuff outside the hall and having a helper tell me to "cool it," I'd be "opened" soon enough. It later dawned on me, after "practicing" the "latihan"
for a decade or so, that I'd been "opened" "peripherally" during a meditation with a yoga group years before, but the "latihan" process, while present in everyone, gets a "boost" during an "opening" (or other ceremony or ritual in another venue) from the induction of the "field" of others who are actively
"doing" it. About the time I was "opened", there was another guy who I found out later was "tested" as requiring ten "helpers" to "open" (the qroup had 180 members at that time, and "God" knows how many "helpers".

It is my considered opinion at this point that the only valid reasons for withholding an "opening" from an applicant are practical (when and where is a good place and time to "open" the applicant? Has he or she been apprised of the basic nature of the "latihan" and the parameters of the organization [if a "helper" has no idea what the "latihan" is all about and is unable to explain that to an applicant in terms that he or she will understand, it's probably best, if practical, that another "helper" who can, do so; a committee member might be called in to explain the "material side" of the org.]. Is The applicant likely to cause disruption in the group if "opened" in his or her present psychological state?). And it could be helpful to remember that the founder of the cult said, at least once, that the MAXIMUM time for waiting to be "opened" is three months. Anything else is a function of manipulative ego(s), and should not be tolerated.

However, these suggested parameters will probably not be adopted soon enough to prevent the continued decline of membership where not adopted. The writing on the wall has been there long enough for virtually anyone to see it, providing the eyes are open. Just like the dinosaurs, organizations that can't get "with it" will disappear as their food needs exceed the available food. That's what's happening now with giant corporations. The nurturing, cooperating "mammals" will become dominant, metaphorically as they have evolutionarily. It was once said that the "latihan" is for "all of mankind". Well, if Subud doesn't spread it to everyone, then it will happen by some other means, in my opinion and judging from my experiences, because it's part of the species evolution on the planet, which is governed, according to my sources, by the galactic "mind" (easily seen now from the changes taking place throughout the solar system, such as global warming on most of the planets and major magnetic shifts on them and the Sun as well), which cannot be thwarted (in this galaxy, at least, although a consortium of galactic clusters might decide to do something else, for example).

Going gently off the deep end. Enjoy.

Peace, Philip

From Walter Segall, June 9, 2010. Time 15:9

I waited four months to be opened because I was just a bit concerned about what the Latihan would do to me. A friend of the lady who first told me about Subud went from being a clerk on Wall Street to becoming a beatnik, and I had fears that I would not become an advertising executive and also beome a beatnik. When I was opened I apppeared to have a job lined up in the copy department of an ad agency on Madison Ave., but the Latihan made me realize that I was to stay at the Post Office where I had been working at the time.

I can't really complain about this since I retired at fifty-three which was something I received would happen shortly after I was opened.

I would probably be dead by now if I had gone into advertising.


From Philip Quackenbush, June 10, 2010. Time 0:8

I might be dead by now, too, if I hadn't joined the cult, because my life was going along a track that had me thinking about suicide occasionally. I have subsequently found out that there are points in everyone's life called "exit points" where it's possible to leave the planet (or life as we know it here, anyway), and I've been through two or three since, at least, and going past them could be considered entering into a new life, since the circumstances may change so radically. One was when my marriage broke up and I got even more depressed than I was towards the end of it, when I could have "ended it all" by my own hand if I had made that choice (without, BTW, any "punishment" from "God" that I remember the founder of the cult referring to in one of his lectures where he seemed to be talking to one person in the audience who ended up killing herself at a young age; what happens as we go through various lives is all a result of our choices, so there's no putting any of it on others, including "God"), but I ended up happier single. Now I'm just hanging out waiting to see what happens next as we make our way down (or up, depending on one's personal psychology) to the "shift of the ages" scheduled astronomically to happen at 11:11 AM UT, Dec. 21st, 2012 and taking note of what's happening on the way there, enjoying the ride.

Peace, Philip

From NY, March 12, 2012. Time 12:50

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