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Croaking and the latihan of subud.. From rochanah, February 26, 2012. Time 17:58

This is really hilarious. When was it posted? (just curious). TO the author of the article: Though the latihans have gotten a bit "softer" or more "spiritual" in sound and appearance in the last decade(s), in fact in the 1950's and '60s they were very much as described in the article. I thought the Jumping frog man was a slight exaggeration, though there were plenty of similar stories about people "receiving" not to follow standard medical practice and "croaking" as a result. (croaking meaning dying in my slang).
Haven't enjoyed reading a subud related story as much as I just enjoyed reading this one for a long time, if not ever. Congratulations!!

From Bei Dawei, February 27, 2012. Time 2:7

Thank you for responding, and for telling me about latihan behavior! This is from a published novel which you can order through Amazon or whatnot, if you want to read it. (Make sure you get the same edition if you want to follow my page numbers.) It is not available in electronic form, at least not yet. There is not much more in it that would be relevant to Subud, and to be honest, the literary quality is not all that great. "The Secret Soldier" is not a comedy, but a (not very thrilling) thriller--these sections could be considered comic relief, and their presentation of Mr. Elijah's group is accordingly exaggerated for comic effect. By the way, I completely did not think of "croaked"--that is a shrewd association.

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