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Andrew Hall - Reading Bapak’s Talks

Never believe what Bapak tells you if you haven't yet experienced it for yourself. From Hustein Lorentzen, August 6, 2007. Time 20:53

Hi Andrew

There is one quote from Bapak's first talk to members from the West at Coombe Springs which burned itself into my mind very early in my Subud life (which started in 1963):

"You should never believe what Bapak tells you if you haven't yet experienced it for yourself; that would be very harmful to you."

This has ever since been my personal guideline when I read Bapak's talks and replies to questions from other members.

I am not a very courageous person, so I am somewhat scared of being tempted to adopt views that runs counter to the quote above. At the same time it makes me able, I think, to read Bapak's talks without reacting strongly to the content.

This has saved me from problems like: How do I interpret Bapak's sayings about homosexuality? Furthermore, it saves me from believing in the hierachy of lower forces, different types of nafsu, levels of jiwas, the importance of enterprices etc unless something rings a bell.

I do some translation of Bapak's talk into Norwegian, and I have proposed to ISC that they recommend that the quote above should appear in the heading of the translations of Bapak's talks, may be in lieu of the "warning" to non-Subud members that thy now require to be included in the translations.



From Mike Higgins, August 7, 2007. Time 1:53


Do you know if the talk from which you took that Bapak quote was published, and if so, where I could find it? Thanks - Mike

From Hustein Lorentzen, August 7, 2007. Time 7:9

Hi Mike

The talk is 57 CSP 1 held at Coombe Springs 14 June 1957 published in Bapak's Talks Volume 1.



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