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Mini Biography

I have been known under various first names In Subud: IJsbrand, Keith, and Miguel, besides Michael. I was born in Amsterdam In 1929, became a Theosophist in 1948 and gave it up in 1956. In 1949 I began to work for a Dutch bank In Hong Kong. That was where, in 1954, I met Husein Rofé and was subsequently opened. I visited Bapak in May 1955. After that I lived in Japan for six years and helped to establish Subud groups in Tokyo, Kobe and Osaka. In the sixties I lived on and off in Alicante, Spain and helped found a group there?as I also did in Amsterdam. I was a keen cinematographer and took various movies and stills of Subud. Clips of them can be seen at YouTube and at: Presently I manage my website 'Man and the Unknown', and am still active as a helper in Amsterdam. I like collecting vintage cinematographic cameras and projectors.

Fifty Years Of Doubts And Reservations pdf, html

Michael looks back at his fifty years in Subud and explains why he feels more and more estranged from the movement. He sums up his main objections and relates how his proposal for change was torpedoed at the Sydney World Congress.

Subud At Crossroads pdf, html

A reprint of a Michael Rogge's proposals for change, prepared for the 1988 Sydney World Congresss.

Tribute to Husein Rofe html

This article has links to documents, photographs and video clips of great interest.

Towards a Subud Renewal pdf, html

Suggesting that there is a dissatisfaction with what Subud currently has to offer

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