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Margaret Pevec was opened in Cincinnati, OH in April, 1970 at age 18 because her home group, Columbus, OH, did not have an active helper’s group at the time. She attended the World Congress in Cilandak in 1971, met her husband, married her husband (Frank, Raphael, Michael Menduno), birthed and raised four children (Insiah—later Inara—Davina, Albert, Monica), became a helper, got divorced, left Subud (~1990), and rejoined Subud (2009).

She has been a Subud member in Columbus, OH (1970-1971), Chicago, IL (1971-1973), Palo Alto, CA (1973-1979), Arlington, VA (1979-1981), Palo Alto, CA (1981- ~1990), and now Boulder, CO (as of fall of 2009).

She has been known as Andrea Jean Pevec, Mashari Menduno, Maimunah Menduno, Margaret Menduno, Margaret Pevec, and Andrea Margaret Pevec.

In addition to Subud, she has gained great insight and personal development through nine intensive years in Re-evaluation Counseling (aka RC or Co-Counseling) Carolyn Myss’s work, Stephen Levine’s work on death and dying, Abraham-Hicks, Non-violent Communication, Unitarian Universalism, EFT, EMDR, teaching comprehensive human sexuality to 7th and 8th graders (UU), and journaling for most of her adult life.

She has worked as a secretary, full-time mother and homemaker, technical writer and trainer in Silicon Valley, was co-editor of the original Subud USA Life, and published her own magazine for parents and mentors of teenagers. She received her BS in Educational Studies and MA in Family Life Education (2005), co-authored a book for parents and preteens, wrote an award-winning course for parents of 6th graders, and is now a freelance writer and editor.

Reflections on Rejoining Subud pdf, html

From the perspective of twenty years away.

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