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Marius Kahan was born in London in 1955 to a jazz musician turned maths lecturer and a bacteriologist turned homemaker. He was educated at an English grammar school, an international school near Geneva and Brussels University. Marius?s spiritual journey began in 1976 with an experience which undermined his firmly held atheistic beliefs. A series of apparent coincidences led to him joining Subud in 1977. As an adult he pursued a career as an electric jazz violinist, although trying to balance a career in the music business against the requirements of a growing family saw him adopt roles as diverse as translator, recording studio manager, systems analyst, teacher and copywriter. His first CD ?Tomorrow?s Memories? was released on Subud member Andrew Clague?s DJC record label. Marius works as a training and business consultant as well as pursuing music as time permits, and has a further three album projects in the pipeline. He is married and has four children ranging in age from around 18 months to 27 years.

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Subud is losing its simplicity; a tendency is emerging to give Subud a specific and rather idealised identity. The author contends that this risks obscuring the Latihan and diluting its impact by creating false expectations.

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The 'establishment' Subud and the 'visionary' Subud are pulling in opposite directions. But perhaps there are some things they can agree on....

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Testing... testing... testing...

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We donít have to continue on a dead-end path.

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A petrolheadís perspective on the future of Subud

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To be or not to be... a religion

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Three fatal flaws that could doom Subud

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