Maria Cameron


Mini Biography

Born 1947 to a service family leading to a nomadic lifestyle. Experienced a rather chequered educational history (many schools in many different parts of the world) finally landing at Aberdeen University achieving a degree in psychology. Married in my final year and since raised 4 sons.

Introduced to Subud by my husband and opened in Edinburgh 1971. Though technically many years in Subud, I became inactive for an extended period from 1985. Returned to the fold eventually taking on some committee work to support the region in Scotland & NE England; I had a brief spell as group helper, but never felt too comfortable with this role.

In my outer life, I had a long spell as manager of a mental health day resource in Aberdeen, moving on to take up the role of Practice Teacher, supporting and supervising social work students out on placement. Currently I am semi- retired but have taken on some freelance work for Robert Gordon University continuing to support social work students out on placement.

My interests- Taoist Tai Chi (for physical rather than spiritual health), photography, Scottish and family history. Recently taken up golf, but a lot still to learn.

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This article considers an alternative to helpers within Subud; a buddy system with a more egalitarian approach is offered as a way forward. Some consideration has been given to the structure of the organisation as a whole and the need to rethink our way forward in fostering integration and a true sense of harmony

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