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Following three years work on different farms, Luthfi O’Meagher joined the Royal Marines, serving as an Officer in the amphibious wing, for his National Service. He is a graduate of Christ’s College, Cambridge, the college of the poet John Milton, who was later to become his mentor. He appeared in the Cambridge Footlights Revue, much of it written by the playwright and author Michael Frayn, which had a subsequent run in a West End theatre in London. He was opened at Coombe Springs in 1959, and sat on the first National Spiritual Section, set up by Bapak, alongside John Bennett, Margaret Wichman, and others. He ran his own network of companies employing skilled craftsmen in London for twenty years, always continuing a parallel artistic life involving music, especially classical singing and ballet. He was Managing Director of Anugraha Hotels Ltd, from 1986 until February 1989. Following that, he ran his own Consultancy, with a team of experts including some who had been involved with Anugraha, for sixteen years. Now aged 74, he lives with his wife Lavinia, the pianist, in deepest rural Wales. They commute to London for half the week to continue their work, and where Luthfi still manages three profession ballet classes a week.

The Visionary Approach pdf, html

This article has been extracted a private letter written by Luthfi O’Meagher, with Luthfi’s permission. It contains Luthfi’s general thoughts on Subud and enterprise, and his interesting reminiscences.

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