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My wife and I were opened in Tampa by Bennett and his wife on April 4, 1959. Three months later, in St. Petersburg, Bapak asked us to act as helpers not only for our group in the Palm Beaches, but for the Miami group as well. We did this for several months, until helpers were found for Miami. In more than 40 active years our group has been as high as 50 members, as low as two, and our experiences in Subud not only go from ridiculous to sublime, but exceed both those usual limitations. Outside of Subud, I have been a writer/editor/public information director/teacher in my major occupations and musician/choir director in my main avocation.

After a long and successful life as wife, mother, grandmother, student, (graduating with a 4.0 from FAU at 68), and Subud helper, my wife, Henrietta, moved her special brand of creative energy from this world to the next. Her body had lost a long and gallant fight with Parkinson's. Her passing from one world to the next was a wonderful thing to behold. Subud truly prepares us for that awesome transition if we learn from the latihan in the way we should. Unfortunately many, perhaps most of the people in Subud do not know how to do this. She knew. Her husband knows.

Subud: The Religion pdf, html

This is a reprint of material that appears in my new book called "The Way Home, And How To Get There." It is a book of essays, and two are about Subud

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