Passing through the Fire by David Week.

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Clone Culture by Stefan Freedman.

The Future Break-Up of Subud by Sahlan Diver.

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Subud-upmanship by Sahlan Diver.

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From Stefan Freedman: On the editorial "The Future Break-Up of Subud"

Enjoyed the punchy editorial. I had been thinking that "free latihaners" might be the best answer, but your argument has got me wondering about the drawbacks, and considering the advantages of "the package". There's a strong case for integrating two ideas. (And why not take the best of both?) First, make access to the latihan less conditional and far easier, which includes saying and demonstrating that there is truly zero pressure to get involved in enterprise, or to hear Bapak's advice etc. Secondly, encourage and offer support to all initiatives which enhance Subud's organisation (including Bapak talks and archives) and our contribution to world-wellbeing.

Each project will need to make an engaging case for its own existence in order to attract interest, so that what gets organised is all based on carrots without sticks. But that's workable, because if a lot of new people join a freethinking, easy-access association of latihaners then there'll be among them some who get excited by member-initiated projects. This differs from the status quo because there is no longer pressure, or a "model" to conform to, which creates an incrowd, an outcrowd and a falling off of freethinking members.

Reviews, questions and diverse (or dissenting) views become part of our inclusive culture. Then Subud can continue exploring ways to evolve, balancing inner with outer progress.