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Your motor is running but your brakes may still be engaged.. From Hadrian Micciche, May 4, 2009. Time 2:36

Some Buddhists (and I am one) understand that enlightenment is not something to obtain. Rather, it is our natural state. "We" already have "it". We simply have to step out of the way to experience it.

In the same way, we already "have" the force that is experienced in the spiritual exercise of Subud. We simply need to allow the experience of it to happen.

The way to allow this experience to happen is to patiently wait for the mind and heart to become quiet. This, in and of itself, is an aim of many paths of meditation. But in Subud, there is no trick and no technique.

Simply allow the mind to become quiet. Simply allow the exercise to happen.

Not so simple for many. They expect fireworks. I got them, but that's only because I was "opened" on the 4th of July.

Sit for a period of time. Allow the quiet to come. Stand for a period of time. Allow the exercise to find expression.

Feel free to do as you like. Do not wait to be "guided". When tired of standing...sit. When tired of sitting...lie. Do not debate what to do -- just allow it to happen. Spontaneity is the key. Trust that your impulses are correct (and, if not, that you can stop your action before it harms yourself or another).

It's not that your motor isn't already running, sir. You may just still have the brakes engaged.

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