Max MacArthur


Mini Biography

I am very new to Subud. Reading about the latihan triggered a great interest to receive it. When I am finally convinced I am opened, I will write a longer biography.

My Non Opening pdf, html

What happens to an inquirer who says he wasn't opened in his first latihan, but his helpers assure him he has? This short article is about an inquirer who asks, "What next?" While the others are having a whale of a time, this inquirer is a beached whale and is running out of time, and running out of what looks like patience

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Feedback for the article: My Non-Opening

Reasons for difficulty in receiving. From Long-timer, May 2, 2009. Time 23:40

I had a slow start too. From Marius Kahan, May 3, 2009. Time 19:2

Your motor is running but your brakes may still be engaged.. From Hadrian Micciche, May 4, 2009. Time 2:36

Germination first, then Plant and Flowers, for some.. From Bronte, May 4, 2009. Time 6:11

Look outside of Subud to learn about Subud. From Andrew Hall, May 14, 2009. Time 2:42