Design an Ideal Subud Group

This page links to a wiki project, managed by Michael Irwin (Canada).

The purpose of the project is " create, through discussion and editing, a model document that will contain the minimum essential requirements for organizing a local group in a new way. These requirements should be written to include as many members as possible. The document is not intended to be a complete prescription, only the basic but essential requirements, while leaving the details for local decision within the prescriptive framework. For each subject area, after a period of discussion, a consensus should develop that can be incorporated into the master document."

Readers are encouraged to visit to the project at SBDreVision

For those not familiar with "wikis", they provide the means for readers to not only leave comments on web pages but also to directly edit or add to the contents of those pages themselves

Wiki Instructions (provided by Michael Irwin)

Update. There are now two SBD wiki websites. The second site presents documents that could be published on the web or as leaflets, etc. There are links in each to the other.

  • The projects are at
  • Sign in: 1. username (your choice of letters, no spaces), 2. password, 3. email address. Leave 4. blank. Your email address will never be known.
  • Replace the word "Search" in the white box on the top left under "Make a New Space" with 'sbdrevision'.
  • Click the green arrow.
  • Click sbdrevision > Home . You will then be in the home page of sbdrevision.
  • OR Click sbdpubs > Home . You will then be in the home page of the sbdpubs web site.
  • You will now be in either or Both sites have links to each other.
  • Both are protected spaces which means that anyone can read everything but not add to the sites. To navigate and join a site read the information and links on its home page."
  • If you  want add to the pages and discussions click the home page link: Joining this space.