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Subud Vision offers three kinds of news update which can be sent directly to you by email:

  • Web Site Updates - Get news of any changes to the Subud Vision web site, such as a new editorial, newly published articles, news of forthcoming events, and so on.
  • Article Updates - Get new articles hot off the press. Articles are published on Subud Vision at regular intervals, but if you subscribe to the Article Updates service we will send you each new article by email as soon as it is ready. No need to wait until the official publication date. You can choose whether to get the article sent as an html (web page) attachment, or pdf file attachment, or both.
  • Feedback Updates - Get daily notification of feedback added by other readers. Any day that readers send feedback to the Subud Vision web site we will send you an email containing a link to the pages where all the feedback item(s) for the day can be viewed.

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Please email me whenever any feedback items are put up on the Subud Vision web site.

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