How to submit an article to Subud Vision

Editorial Process



The editors do not make changes to submitted articles. We make suggestions for change. It is then up to the author to decide which changes to make or not.


We recommend that you read our editing process document which describes the editing process and the timeline from article submission through to publication. (Right click on the link and choose "Save as..." to save it to your hard disc for reading or printing out.)

After the editing process has completed, the article will be submitted to the copyeditor for any further minor changes necessary to bring it up to our publication standard. The author will have a chance to review the final version before it is released.

After publication

After publication, readers will be able to view your article on the web site and also download it in pdf format . Each article will also have its own feedback section where readers can post their comments. We hope that authors will be willing to post replies to these comments, to keep the discussion alive.

Publishing Elsewhere

We ask for a limited period of two months where the article is only published on the Subud Vision web site. After that, we have no objection to your republishing the article elsewhere. We only ask that the republished article has an acknowledgement attached saying "This article was first published on".


Copyright will remain in the possession of the author.

The editorial team

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