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Subud Names


My husband and I planned to visit a Subud couple, over in Berkeley, California and have dinner with them. Our hostess, Lusijah, decided to invite another Subud friend, Elisa, and called her up.


Lusijah: Hi, come over to dinner Friday night, the Penwells are coming and they're bringing lasagna!


Elisa: Oh, Lasagna who? I don't think I've met her.


(Helissa Penwell)



Notice of Bereavement


My wife and I were live-in caretakers of a Subud house when one day a long-time member's wife died and he placed a notice on the group notice board stating:

SUSANNAH - My darling wife passed away last night. The funeral will be held... etc.


Next day, I walked through into the kitchen where I saw our (non-Subud) cleaner standing reading the notice board and gave her a cheery greeting.


"Are you alright?' she asked, looking deeply concerned.


"Yes, fine thanks. never felt better," I laughed. Noticing the shocked look on her face, I asked, "Why? What's up?"


She pointed a shaking finger at the bereavement poster and sobbed out, 'That!'


And then it clicked. Her name was also Susannah, and she'd thought the poster was a note from me telling her my wife had died.





New Name


A Subud member travelled to a distant city to visit his aging father.  On his first evening there he told his father that he had a new name.  The father took this news pretty well even though the name was rather unusual. The next day father and son went out for a stroll. Spotting a neighbour, the father greeted him and said, "I'd like you to meet my son," then turning to his son, —"what was your name again?"


(Rosalind Priestley)



A Case Of Identity


I am a white, English male Subud member, living in Ireland. Just before travelling to the Spokane World Congress I am collecting some goods from a warehouse.  I sign the cheque using my Subud name. “That’s an unusual name”, says the assistant. “Yes”, I reply, “It’s Arabic”. “I knew it!”, he exclaims,  “The moment you walked through the door, I said to myself, ‘There goes a real Arab, if ever there was one!’”.


At World Congress, I meet a lady whom I have corresponded with by email. She says “You don’t look anything like you are supposed to look like”.


Next day I am standing in the entrance lobby, when an old lady spontaneously exclaims “Good heavens, you look just like the Prince of Wales!”  As the old lady has reached the grand old age of 94, I am tempted to ask “Which Prince of Wales?”


Are these similar incidents connected to Spokane in some way, I wonder? If so, now I am back in Ireland it’s surely all over. At the weekend I attend the wedding of a friend. A lady whom I don’t know says “You’re English, aren’t you?” At last, someone has got my identity right. “Yes”, I reply, “I was born in Kent”. “Oh no”, she says, “I didn’t mean that. I thought you were our Irish doctor, Dr. English. You look just like him”.


(Sahlan Diver)



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