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Awaiting My Opening

Making sense of a long wait.

The Good Reputation of Subud

How to protect it? Some suggest by using censorship....

Subud and Sumarah

Comparing Subud to its 'close cousin' - Sumarah.

Bait and Switch

Not living up to its promises can have consequences for Subud.

Answers on a Postcard

We need answers to a very important question.

A Mevlevi Shaykh's Experience of Subud

How others see us - in the eyes of a Mevlevi Shaykh - the latihan is one more spiritual technique.

Questioning Oneself

Growing up in Subud and after

Back on the Road Again

Let's stop confusing the end and the means.

Being and Doing

Getting the balance right.

A Dead Parrot

Has the life gone out of the Subud organisation?

Does the Concept of Enterprise Still Have Legs?

Past delusions and future prospects.

Process- Not Prozac

The importance of susila. The need to be heard and be healed.

Sailing to Ithaka

A 43 years journey

Towards a Bigger Subud

We have the potential to evolve...

Watch Your Language

Are we projecting the wrong image to the world?

A Wayward Club Experience

Opening the door to the 'deep stuff'

What I Like about Subud

Seven reasons to stay in Subud

The Latihan of Subud- Dissociation and the Neurology of Spiritual Experience

Essential reading for anyone who wants to know more about the psychological effects of the latihan.


How can we best support new members? Let's consider new options.

Psychology and Subud

When the latihan is not enough- why ignore the rich resource of modern psychology?

Subud and Sufism

What does Subud owe to Sufism?

Still Crazy after All These Years

The story of a Subud pioneer who broke all the rules.

Subud Spoofed

Oddly familiar content in a 1966 novel....

People Power

Putting the pieces together

The Latihan Place

Let's look at our latihan premises through the eyes of a visitor or possible applicant.


The need to step outside our comfort zone

Are You Brainwashed?

Seven ways that Subud shapes your thinking

Blueprint for Change

A checklist of the changes Subud must make in order to (a) survive and (b) grow.

Can Subud Grow without Faith?

Could Bapak have been right about the importance of enterprises?

The Closings

'Nobody knows for certain when the closings started.'


What will happen when a new organisation offers only the latihan?

Designing the New

An outline for a new latihan organization


The beginning of the end for Subud

The Fifty/Fifty Rule

Sometimes a 50/50 split is not the way to go.

Frozen in Time

A stage play- for Subud members only

I Asked for Milk

How I found Subud - with some thoughts on Subud enterprise.

In Subud We Have No Beliefs

That's our claim. But what is the reality?

It Was the Vicar Who Did It

Why we would be better off without Subud membership.

Our Cunning Plans

Plans that we have been following for 50 years that haven't worked out yet.

Outside View

A Review of Bei Dawei's "Baha'i and Subud Dissent: Developments in the 2000s"

A Proposal for an International Subud Survey

We know very little about what members think of their Subud experience. Shouldn't we be trying to find out?

The Rise and Fall of the AntiSubud Site

What we can learn from Subud critics.


Spiritual wisdom or spiritual make-believe?

The Subud Inspector

If Subud appointed an external inspector would we ignore her recommendations just like we ignore the recommendations of our own members?


Spiritual understanding? Or just poor quality thinking?

Ten Misconceptions about Subud Enterprise

Are we negative about Subud Enterprise because we never understood the concept properly?

Trial by Feelings

The inside story of how we lost Anugraha and what we can learn from it.

Two Short Pieces     (pdf)

A short story and a G&S parody.

A View of Arcadia

Leave it to God. How is that strategy working for us?

The Wayward Way of Enterprise

The future reveals an exciting new concept that might actually work.

Why Only Subud?

As custodian of the latihan- Subud hasn't done so well. Why not give others a chance?

From Subud to YouBud

Is Subud trapped in a time warp?

What Lies Ahead

Subud people are not necessarily Subud members. Paring down to the essentials.

An Alternative Introduction

Looking for a different kind of intro to give your friend to read?

Beyond Words and Images

The latihan is beyond words- but the words we use to describe it are putting people off.

Buddhism and Subud

Subud doesn't require you to stop practising your religion. Unless you're a Buddhist.

Danger of the Kejiwaan Event

Could kejiwaan events be a bad idea?

God's Teeth

Ours is the One Way

Handling Hot Issues

Let's talk. We can't evolve by avoiding controversy.

Mind- Friend or Fiend?

To do the undoable we need to think the unthinkable.

The Mystery of the Vanishing Applicants

Talking (and really listening) to enquirers.

Peace and Subud

Does Subud have a contribution to make in the area of conflict resolution?

Pulling Together or Pulling Apart

Are you a mountain or a river? A thought-provoking report for WSC on the present state of Subud.

Subud at Middle East Spirituality and Peace Festival

How a member met the challenge of giving an interactive intro.

Subud Is a Bud

A lively report on the challenges facing today's Subud.

Walking on Air     (pdf)

The possible successor to Subud?

What to Do with Bapak's Advice

Becoming wider- and finding strength in diversity.

But What Is Subud?

We need to get clear about who we really are.

Open to Whom? That is the Question

Being open ought to mean accepting each other.

Testing or Testosis

Some say we test too much. But testing is an important tool.

Subud Sounds A Good Idea     (pdf)

Why don't we try it some time?

The Latihan as Spiritual Adventure

A Bapak-free way of describing the latihan

Reading Bapak's Talks

What happens when you strongly disagree with something Bapak said?

Religion Without Belief - God as Metaphor

Should we consciously abandon religious belief?

Responding to the Helpers

Taken aback by the judgmentalism in an International Helper report.

What Happened?

The little-known story of Mas Totok in Australia; and how to revitalize Subud.

Do We Really Need a New Explanation of the Latihan?

Any explanation needs to include seven core assumptions...

How to Read Bapak's Talks and How Not To?

Reading the talks is like doing latihan with Bapak.


Let go and watch; then keep watching

How I Latihan

A detailed account of one man's experience of the latihan.

Testing the Committee

Four editors argue that we should change the way we select the committee.


A Subud group with a difference.

Can We Fix It?

'Establishment' Subud and 'visionary' Subud seem to be at odds. But perhaps there are some things they can agree on...

The End of the Road

Three fatal flaws that could doom Subud

Making Claims

Deconstructing Subud hype.

A Question for the WSA

To be or not to be... a religion

Subud and the Art of Automobile Maintenance

A petrolhead's perspective on the future of Subud

W(h)ither Subud

We don't have to continue on a dead-end path

What the...?!

Testing... testing... testing...

An Adequate Humanity

Do we need more than just the latihan?

Confession of an ex-Latihaneer

Ex-member John Elwyn Kimber is a man with a hyperactive Latihan. So why could he not come back to Subud?

This Silly Poor Gospel

Imperfection is no excuse for Inaction

Subud: The Tribe

Subud claims to support individual growth- but does it? Where we rank in the 'Stages of Faith'.

Subud: The Religion

Why we should resist the tendency to turn Subud into a religion.

What We Do and How We Do it

In defence of the WSA - an insider's viewpoint

Boushma Is Too Deep to Understand:Just Do It

Have we brain-washed ourselves into believing that we're special?

Latihan for All of Humanity

Breaking free of old norms to make the latihan more accessible.

About the Latihan

An introduction that puts the latihan first.

The Impossibility of Subud Enterprises

Inherent flaws in the enterprise concept.

The Imprisonment of the Latihan

The downside of brotherhood. Maybe Subud should give up its monopoly of the latihan.

The Naked Subud

Stripping off Subud's unnecessary accessories

A Necessary Reappraisal

A reorientation of Subud must include a reappraisal of its founder.

No Reason to Be Disappointed

An end to the Subud monopoly

Promoting the Latihan

How to open the gate for those who are willing

The Role of Subud

Maybe we're wrong to try to promote the Subud organization.

A Spiritual Democracy

Democracy is not just a political ideal.

Why Did It Go Wrong?

Looking at the roots of enterprise failure.

My Non-Opening

What do you do when they tell you you're opened... but you don't believe them?

Opening Up the Future

The numbers just don't add up. What needs to change?

Both Simple and Complex

Basing Subud culture on the latihan.

The Transformation of the Subud Organization

Is Subud leading the way towards leaderless communities?

Worshipping in Beauty

Should we take Subud in an entirely new direction?

Being Safe in Subud

What does it mean to be safe in Subud and how do we get there?

Absurd Subud

We could make Subud a religion. Or dream of the ideal latihan world. Or we could start hauling Subud down to earth.

An Alternative Explanation of the Subud Exercise in Psychological Terms

There's more than one way to understand the latihan.

An Atheist View

With Subud Catholics- Protestants- Jews- Buddhists- Hindus- Muslims- why not Subud Atheists?

Genuinely Open

Is Subud culture an embarrassment for its members?

Keeping Track of Reality     (pdf)

Again and again I hear it said that Pak Subuh is the 'Spiritual Guide' of Subud. Funny: it's not stated in the WSA constitution

Preachy Testing

Ways in which preaching sneaks into testing

Unthinkable Decision-Making

How Subud conventions discourage democracy

Why Subud Groups Should Not Present Bapak's Talks

Is Subud equally open to people of all beliefs- as it claims?

Subud- Spirituality and the Body Electric

Maybe what your latihan needs is a re-charge.

The Visionary Approach

'Where there is no vision the people perish.' (Book of Proverbs)

Is Subud a Cult?

A Working Party report from the Bali Congress.

Our Internet Rights

Weighing risks against rights.

Notes from an Old-timer

Time to let the young take the lead- and create a new Subud culture.

Subud and Buddhism

Finding connections between the two paths.

The Introductory Period

Is three months too long to wait? The arguments pro and con.

Latihan Communities and Organization: a Dialogue

Two editors explore innovative possibilities.

Reflections on Rejoining Subud

From the perspective of twenty years away

After Fifty Years: What I Think Is Needed

Why isn't Subud spreading? Has it turned into a secret society? Eight things we can do.

Belief and Unbelief

Why do we assume that belief is preferable to unbelief?

Bridging the Divide

Two kinds of Subud members; can they co-exist?

The Case for Not Having Helpers

Looking for an alternative that is more inclusive- egalitarian and empowering.

How Not to Be a Cult

Most cults are not intended- not planned; they grow.

On Judging

If spiritual people are compassionate and loving- why do we treat each other the way we do?

The Problems with Enterprise

Questioning the assumptions behind the concept.

Redefining Success

In its own terms Subud may be a failure- but the latihan is quite possibly a success.

The Role of the Subud Press

Towards more open- honest- and objective reporting in Subud.

Will the Real Bapak Please Stand Up

Who was Bapak? The question matters- even if it is unanswerable.

An Open Letter about Youth and Helpers

About one of the reasons groups don't grow

Fifty Years of Doubts and Reservations

How has Subud evolved? A unique- historical perspective.

Subud at Crossroads (reprint)

A manifesto for change written twenty years ago but just as relevant today.

Towards a Subud Renewal

Suggesting that there is a dissatisfaction with what Subud currently has to offer.

Tribute to Husein Rofe

The remarkable life of one of Subud's most influential members.

Presence in the World

What is holding us back from manifesting the latihan in the world?

Forget About Outreach

Is outreach the priority or not?

God's Work

A new member shares her candid impressions of Subud and the latihan.

Change vs. Authority

A conversation about the stifling effects of authority in Subud.

Subud Vision Assessments

Invited assessments of 5 years of Subud Vision

Self-healing- the Search for Community and Why I Left Subud

True community: how to get there from here

Anwar- Anwas and Subud Prejudice

How Subud became infected with a religious bias.

Becoming Normal

How we can break free of the 'cult' dynamic.

Clear the Path to the Latihan

If you are a seeker- what are the odds that you will find Subud? How can we improve those odds?

History and Myth

Two very different ways of looking at Subud's origins.

Seven Questions about Subud Culture

Subud culture involves certain beliefs and assumptions. But do they serve us well?

Subud as University

Are we ready to move on from high school? A model for the next stage.

Subud without Theology

Avoiding the 'G'-word in talking about Subud.

Was Pak Subuh a Dukun?

Subud's connections to a traditional Indonesian role.

When You Graduate

A counter-intuitive modest proposal.

My Search for Spiritual Guidance

How different methods have brought healing in the course of one woman's spiritual journey.

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