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A Summer Day Out in Ireland - A 10 minute video showing the sights and sounds of Ireland on a summer's day.

In celebration of the arrival of summer in the Northern hemisphere, we offer a short video taken on a sunny day in Cobh, Ireland.
Features: Irish bird expert, Cuskinny gardens, nature reserve with heron, sea-going dog, pub busker, harbour and cargo ships, the world's largest cruise ship docked at the very same berth from where passengers departed on the Titanic 97 years ago, band concert (look out for the dancing little girl), speedboats racing past Spike Island, Ireland's answer to Alcatraz (but without shark-infested waters), cross-river ferry trip

The video may take between 2 - 30 minutes to download, depending on the speed of your connection. Or on a fast connection you may be able to play the video as it downloads.

Recommended you enlarge the video to full screen for full scenic effect. Sound essential: Turn on your loudspeakers, or plug in headphones or the video won't make much sense. Sorry about the wind noise at the beginning. It's all on the spot, live sound effects!

A Summer Day Out in Ireland, May 2009 Headphones or speakers essential 30Mb Windows WMV format. Select full-screen mode to get the full scenic effect.

Ditto, but as 80Mb Apple Mac QuickTime format

A note re. playing videos full-screen:
Some browsers only seem to want to play video files in a tiny window if you click on a link directly. Instead, to get full screen, right-click the mouse on the link and choose "Save As..." to save the file to your computer. (On the Mac, you may need to use alt-click, or ctrl-click to save the file, or it might work if you drag the link to your desktop) Then play the downloaded file in whatever software you normally use to play "wmv" or "mov" videos on your computer, using that software's full screen option to enlarge it to full screen.

Video panorama, with Carillon concert

Video Panorama of Cobh Bible Garden with Carillon concert July 27, 2008 (headphones or speakers highly recommended) 13Mb Windows WMV format

Ditto, but as 31Mb Apple QuickTime format
Warning: either file will take anywhere between 1 and 15 minutes to download over broadband connection, depending on connection speed. Or on a fast connection you may be able to play the video as it downloads.

A carillon is a set of 49 bells mounted in a church tower played by striking the fists onto a keyboard comprised of levers.


NEW! (April 2009) True humorous Subud Stories on this page

Name Change

Raphelle Peach-Martin is now Jock McTavis
(seen in a Scottish Subud mag, 1974)


Slideshow of Kinsale, Co Cork, Ireland, Good Friday 2007

A Summer Boat Trip Round Cobh Harbour (last port of call of The Titanic)

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