The entire Subud Vision web site as of March 8th, 2008 is available as a CD.

The advantages of viewing the web site on CD are:

You may have friends or acquaintances in your group who would like a copy of this CD. If you have a fast broadband, 2Mb - 8Mb Internet connection you can download the CD contents as an ISO CD image file.

Click on the picture to download the "iso image file" which can be used to burn your own CD.

cd image

Choose "Save As..", to save the image file to your computer.

Then, use CD image burning software to transfer to ISO image to CD. We are sorry that we cannot provide technical support on how to do this. Readers who have the computing competence to know how to burn an ISO image onto a CD should have no trouble with the procedure.

Download Times

The file size is 100Mb+. so download can be anything from 15 minutes to an hour on a typical broadband connection. Download via dialup is impractical. However we are wiling to post copies of the CD if you supply us with your name and address.

Playing the CD

The front page of the web site contains links to the Anugraha Video files