Announcing :

The Subud Vision book

In 2007, the fifty years anniversary of the arrival of Subud outside of Indonesia, we were pleased to publish fifty articles by thirty Subud authors looking at Subud's past, present and future.

For those who find it much easier to read articles from the printed page, rather than off a computer screen, the Subud Vision book will be a welcome alternative to the web site.

We have priced the book as low as we possibly can, at 10, which is very good value for a 350 page book. The price includes a 2 premium added as a donation to Susila Dharma. No authors or editors financially profit from the sale of the book. We recently made a donation of 152 to Susila Dharma, Britain, resulting from our initial sales. A further donation will be made during the next three months.

The Subud Vision book can be ordered online from this web page