The Subud Vision Discussion Listserver (started April 2009)

The Subud Vision editing team have decided to change the discussion and feedback pages in a way that we hope will both stimulate discussion and improve the available facilites.

Discussion of the articles, or of any other topics related to Subud Vision, has now been moved to the Subud Vision listserver. Instructions for how to join this are given below. Reader feedback on the individual articles is still available, but in the next few months we wll be making improvements that will make the article feedback much easier to find and contribute to.

How to join the Subud Vision Discussion Listserver

How to use the Subud Vision Discussion Listserver

Via Email

If you elected to receive notification of discussion posts by email, you can reply to a message simply by replying to that email, without needing to sign into the Subud Vision discussion group web pages. The text you are replying to is included in your reply but we recommend you delete at least the yahoo information to prevent the messages becoming too cluttered, though it can be useful to leave enough of the original message so that readers can see what and who you're responding to.

Via the Internet