The Difference between "Article Feedback" and the "Discussion Forum"

  • Each "Article Feedback" page has comment by a contributor on an author's article, followed by one-on-one conversation between the contributor and the author or another reader.
  • The "Discussion Forum", by contrast, has much longer conversations between many contributors.

We aim to to keep article feedback succinct, while still allowing interesting topics to develop into long discussions. Readers who just want the short article feedback conversation will find these on the author pages. Readers who want to read and join in an extended discussion can go to the discussion pages.

How to Send Feedback or Start a New Discussion

  • If you wish to provide feedback on an author's article, go to the author's page to do it.
  • If you wish to join in with an existing feedback or discussion item, go to the feedback or discussion page, and click the button at the end, to bring up a form for adding your feedback.
  • If you wish to start a NEW discussion topic, not directly related to any article, you can do it from this page.
  • Our standard guidelines apply to both feedback and discussion areas. In particular: address the issues, don't attack the writer.