64. Methods to increase Subud’s visibility in the wider community.

(from written comments under choice of ‘other’ method)


Community events

Activity doing good things within the community - not advertising i.e. SD; events like fundraising, music raising etc. The events are projects that could be advertised and subud mentioned.

Health groups, choral groups, relaxation clinics, craft groups

I think that cultural/other wings activity that is inclusive of the community is most important. Also personal contacts.

Make Meaningful Contributions to local community affairs including sica performances, SD activities, enterprises, and youth activities. In short, we need to do activities within the community that are relevant to the outside (subud) community which attracts to subud through our actions.

Having community events at our hall which bring the general public in.

Subud hosting community event eg fundraisers for local causes.

Community access to group activities.

Events organised in latihan house which are open to the public and bring new people to us such as art classes, dance groups, music nights, fund raisers etc.

Some form of community service - visioning days to help/lead people into looking outside the box - finding a new paradigm to cope with a changing world.

Musicafes and concerts.

. Participation in Community events, e.g. Markets, Fairs, Fund-raising, Events.

Setting good example in own living

Examples set by Subud people doing beneficial and uplifting things in their lives or in the community is more effective than advertising. However we cannot sit back: have to be pro-active in making these interactions possible.

Follow Bapak's advice and do the latihan correctly

Combination of living/realizing what is received in latihan, doing good in the world, combined with being more open and ready to talk about subud.

Commitment to and progress in our own development

Oh for heaven’s sake! Subud does not need to be marketed or promoted. These questions and the assumptions behind them are out of place are contrary to Bapak's guidance and, frankly, reveal a shallow understanding of Subud and the Latihan. Subud will grow and develop when people begin to see evidence of the latihan in members initiatives and good works across enterprise, humanitarian and cultural fields. Why are we persisting with this promotional nonsense?

It's about living life and being willing to talk, if approached. We shouldn't have to work out growing Subud. If we work out our own growth, Subud should grow, if it is meant to.

Surrender to god as live by a good example

I do not feel there is a need to advertise subud at all - rather we can lead by example but also be vigilant that web sites etc give a positive/accurate view of subud. There is more than enough literature out in the world about subud already.

I think subud should spread by members striving to follow their inner guidance and submission to god and people who are looking for subud will be touched by this. Bapak has strictly forbidden propaganda.

. No need for active propaganda, just enterprise, welfare, sica, siha, living in appropriate way, etc

I don't believe we need any visibility other than doing what we do! We don't need to advertise ourselves - people shouldn't join for that reason. We found it, others will too!

The members living the message

Our own effect on people as decent human beings...

Subud finds you, not the other way around. As our individual growth increases our life naturally leads to more people being touched by the Latihan.

I do not believe that any of these methods would assist subud’s visibility. I believe people find subud when they need it and that too much publicity could create the wrong impression and vibe to the wider community.

Subud people who really feel the latihan just being ground breakers naturally in all/any activity in the social forums of Business, Art, Education, Engineering etc! *-This attracts attention!

Nothing. I don't think we need to 'sell' ourselves to anyone, and if we are sincere in our worship people will be attracted. If we are not they will not be.

Don't think you should 'force' Subud on other people. Aren't people supposed to be attracted to Subud by something in us (latihan)?

A confidence in our spiritual practice.

. Acceptance of its members as a normal part of their lives.

None of above. What is most needed to assist 'Subud Visibility' is for the member to be aware of and really follow what is received in the latihan. Other ways would be through the wings i.e. SD, SICA, SIHA, etc.

Subud members living exemplary lives - definitely none of the above. NO ADVERTISEMENT - leading by example.

General SICA & SD & SIHA work as best promotion - doing/not talking

. I don't need Subud to be more visible - I believe there are many ways to find 'God' - If anyone asks me about Subud

Subud people should be the shining light not above activities.

Lead by example.

Not too concerned with how visible Subud is in the wider community.

Behaviour of members in the wider community.

Spontaneous - go with the flow - could be any of the above or none.

Charitable work

Probably engaging in local charitable work in collaboration with other organizations.

Charity work

Charitable works.

Providing food to those in need is always a good start.

Working cooperatively with other well motivated communities in a cooperative project for human wellbeing.




Internet website


good web info are all good supports for following up an individual's curiosity.

Organisational change

Dropping the dogma.

The Newtown hall looks dingy again ; uncared for

Info on how members can explain to their friends etc (hard for 2nd gen to explain).

Suitable facilities to bring people to. I don't consider Heatherton to be so.

The most potent method is personal. Testing & role playing workshops are needed in each group to enable members to

feel more confident in this.

Brisbane Subud Premises are called "Clearview Centre" & is signed as such on the building. Are we ashamed?

Subud Brisbane keeps itself invisible to the community at large. Publicly the hall would be acknowledged as a place to learn dancing, etc.

As deemed necessary

Once a member, finding a good connect with a

helper/friend you relate to is very supportive.


Public service announcements: police stations, drug rehabs, hospitals.

Unsure - I feel uncomfortable with "selling" SUBUD. think the Buddhist & yoga approaches to marketing could be useful models to learn form - they do it well!

A documentary - the ups & downs of the history of subud.

Those in the public eye - many in Subud - could ACKNOWLEDGE their standing.

Good introductory explanatory leaflets or brochures, books on subud, good web info are all good supports for following up an individual's curiosity.


Subud enterprises

Enterprises that make a real difference