An Orchestra of Viewpoints

By Stefan Freedman

The Problem:

The latihan’s distinguishing feature and potential appeal is its ‘bespoke’ spirituality. It provides inner experiences which are individually tailored to each person, requiring no doctrine, teacher, high priest or intermediary. We confuse enquirers, however, when it sounds as though only one set of interpretations is acceptable.

The Solution:

I am in the process of writing a new introduction to Subud and aim to include the voices of people from a diversity of backgrounds. I’d like to understand how Subud integrates with their daily lives and also with their spiritual practices and religious beliefs. What (if any) are the issues and struggles.

The Details:

I invite you to write something personal and specific about the latihan, its nature and its effect on your everyday life. I'd like to hear about the negative as well as the positive, the humorous as well as the serious. Questions and ambiguities may engage the reader more than certainties and convictions. Especially I’d like to hear from young people. Also from skeptics, atheists, scientists, all those who are not the most obvious fit for Subud.

I (and co-editors) will integrate these accounts into an article or book which will be available both to Subud members and to the public.