Around the Table



The Problem: 

There appears to be a total lack of understanding, communication and respect between Subud ‘reformers’ and Subud ‘conservatives’. History teaches us that such a poisonous atmosphere, left to itself, inevitably leads to schisms, then warfare, followed by the eventual demise of an association, unless….


The Solution:

First and foremost, we need to establish that there is a problem. Secondly, we need to at least agree to disagree. A consequence of such an act of fellowship and tolerance by both sides would be that we might then be in a position to find a way out of such a divisive political situation and sidestep its inevitable outcomes. If, for example, the Ulster Unionists and Sinn Fein, after a century of hatred and open warfare, could sit round a table and eventually move forward for the common good — why can't we?


The Details: 

I propose to write individual letters, in a spirit of openness and fellowship, to WSA, ISC, all National Chairs, editors of international and national newsletters, etc., clearly defining the problem (the ever-widening schism) and calling for a forum to be created to see if there is common ground and a willingness to first admit to the problem, then to discuss the the way forward. Maybe this topic could then be put on a World Congress agenda as a genuine, on-going concern for which we need to seek common ground and all-round satisfaction.