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Michael Rogge - Subud At Crossroads

Wasted years. From Sahlan Diver, September 26, 2007. Time 14:34

So many ideas in this article reflected by other Subud Vision articles, but you were writing 20 years ago! It seems to me that Subud has wasted 20 years of opportunity.

From Stefan, January 3, 2008. Time 18:25

Hello Michael,

I'm very impressed by this clear analysis. Also saddened by the fact that all your groundwork leading to very succinct recommendations, developed with a team of people, was in 1987 "tested" and thrown out of the window, "torpedoed and never presented to the assembly."

How disheartening that must have been.

It's taken me a lot longer to come to the same conclusions, and - reading the articles and dialogues here - my hope is that a critical mass (in both senses) is now preparing to bite the bullet and to create changes of the kind you outlined 20 years ago.

I believe that all the same tendencies are going to make it very difficult (fear of change, apathy, enshrining Bapak and the past etc) but that there are far too many voices now to be silenced, ignored, marginalised or "tested" away. It's reform or rot!!!

Best wishes from Stefan

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