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Merin Nielsen - Absurd Subud

Association vs Brotherhood. From Lefty Poe, November 6, 2008. Time 22:38

i was opened sept. 7, 1966 and have been doing Latihan
since then. In '88 i dissappeared into a pit of halucinagenic depression for 20 years sprinkled with Latihans throughout. i began to emerge from the pit, around Pak Subuh's (Allah's blessings upon him) birthday 2007. i went into the pit as a brother in the Spiritual Botherhood of Subud and emerged into the Aaociation of Subud.

This tansition from Brotherhood to Association has great implications for me. i think, not recieve, that maybe the focus of Subud itself has shifted from the Spiritual to the Material as evidence by our new material guide Ibu Rahiyu. Subud belongs to the earth now. The earth forces (subud lower forces) need to be healed and returned to their rightful places. But i see the darkness of Dogma creeping into Subud at the edges. Let's keep Subud Free. i would no more bring my views drawn from experience in the Nine Stars Brotherhood or my religion as a Reformed Dischordian Muslim interfere with my Latihan. This is the real thing and never forget Bapa is always with us.

Your Brother in Subud

From Robert C Jordan, November 18, 2008. Time 18:37

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